Hair Color


Your hair color is equally as important as the hairstyle. No matter how good your haircut or style, badly colored hair can make it more of an eyesore than a sight for sore eyes. To save money, some people opt to color their hair themselves. However, uneven application, wrong choice of color, poor quality hair dye, and other negative factors can leave hair looking anything but attractive. More often than not, they end up spending much more having it fixed.

At Sobella Nail Spa & Salon, we give you hair coloring service from certified color experts. If you are shy about getting a dye job, our hairdresser can ease you into this change with hair highlights to see how you feel about it. If you are ready for a drastic change, Sobella Nail Spa & Salon can help you out with this as well!

Our hair salon uses high quality hair color product lines and does keratin treatment. For additional spa services, we do pedicures and permanent makeup application. Visit us in Lake Worth, FL today.